Who We are..

V R ANGELS Beginners World was conceived with an aim to provide quality and affordable pre-primary education to the little ones in rural and semi-urban areas. Backed up by a strong, excellent academic and professional background, the promoters of the centre upholds a noble vision to contribute to education sector by providing high class education at pre-primary level.

With the aid of a child centric curriculum based on Montessori philosophy supplemented with carefully designed teaching aids and well trained faculty, we at VR ANGELS are dedicated to the intellectual, Emotional, Physical and cognitive development of the child.

What Differentiates us?

  • Child centric approach rather than teacher centric
  • Strong Montessori based philosophy & Method also incorporating best practices from other early childhood philosophies
  • Goes way beyond song & dance routines, nursery rhymes and simple playing with toys
  • Strong focus on a structured curriculum
  • Comprehensive set of objectives for the overall development of the child
  • Materials and tools for learning designed for the curriculum
  • A methodology that instills a sense of purpose & interest to work hard in the child
  • Revolutionary assessment technique
  • A structured learning program for the overall development of the child
  • Tight integration between curriculum objectives, materials, activities, teacher training & assessment ensuring there is no disconnect

The Philosophy

A child with a purpose knowing what he wants to do next and is able to do it is the happiest. Out of this joy comes self-confidence & willingness to work. If such a child is equipped with the right tools, there is no stopping his way to excellence. Research proves that early education is critical because

  • Brain development is most rapid in the early years
  • 75% of neural connectivity is complete by the “age of 7”
  • When the quality of simulation is deficient, child development is seriously affected. Early years (2 to 6) is a unique stage of phenomenal brain development and learning in a child. Then capacity to absorb concepts and learn is highest during this phase. Hence it is important to expose the child to a structured environment which will provide adequate and appropriate stimulus for learning.

Every child has an inherent nature and intelligence that is peculiar to him. This varies from child to child and is the most important factor to consider when the child comes to school.

The Management

  • Reena Elin Thomas

    Co-Founder & Director

    BSc (HSc. Honours) -Community Resource Management and Child Development

    MBA – Marketing and Human Resource Management, DELHI

    Certified Montessorian -Bangalore

    Certified Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) -Kolkatta

    Certified Early Childhood Program – Bangalore

    Varied experience in North India, UAE (GULF) and Kerala (Kottayam)